Tu B’Shvat Meditation Series

Join the Temple Emanuel community meditation group on Mondays at 11:15am. (See schedule for specific dates).

During this 4-week series, we will practice menuchat ha’nefesh (literally: calmness of the soul), or equanimity. Incorporating themes of Tu B’Shvat and our relationship with nature, we will explore meditations of grounding, resilience, and self-nurture as part of our spiritual growth.  

The Talmud teaches, “A person should always be soft like a reed and not hard like a cedar.” As seasons change and we confront the impermanent nature of life, how could we respond to transition with flexibility and equanimity?  What happens if instead of hardening up like an unyielding cedar tree we soften to emotions, relaxing the body, and holding our reality in the loving embrace of awareness. What if we bend and stretch, all the while remaining firmly planted.

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